The How Cool Series of Books, hailed today as the World’s First Series of Books Specifically Written for Right and Left Brain Readers, was created by Douglas McCoy to inspire others who are dealing with life difficulties and challenges. He has gone through these life challenges himself, pushed through, and found a way to turn the tables and learn from them. He put all he has learned into words, and created a series of books for every challenge he had.

Doug wants his readers to save time, energy and the pain of going through everything he has been through, so he developed this series of guides infused with a technique to make reading fun and stress-alleviating for all ages, backgrounds, and orientations.

Many have been surprised with what they can do, that they can change their lifestyles and live different lives – all with the help of Doug’s How Cool Is It Series. It has instalments for areas such as health, business, life, relationships, sports, humor, hypnosis, the spiritual aspect, public speaking, driving, education, wealth, confidence building, death, negotiation, and a whole lot more!

recreation-king The series is part of Doug’s ReCreation Programs at the Australian Success Academy. They provide coaching to help those whose excuses are overshadowing their results. They will help you move forward and set personal or professional goals that will give you the life you really want. Consider the How Cool Is It Series as a springboard for you to hone your ideas, goals, and decisions to move forward. These books can be your own personal coach in your pocket; you can bring them anywhere, and talk to them anytime.

You will be amazed on what you can accomplish with the How Cool It Is Series. You will be glad you have chosen to use this effective tool in improving your life.